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Values and Beliefs Essay

  • Submitted by: bethny
  • on January 8, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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This   assignment   will   define   what   values   and   beliefs   are;   and   the   principle   players   in   the   development   of   my   personal   values.   What   my   values   used   to   be,   and   a   couple   which     l   have   adopted   over   the   years.   I   will   also   show   how   l   put   these   values   into   practical   use   in   my   decision-making.
It   will   also   outline   how   these   affect   people   around   me   and   my   decision-making   process   with   reference   to   a   scenario   from   work. It   will   also   explain   how   throughout   the   years l   have   altered   my   values   in   order   to   make   excellent   decisions.
Every   individual   develops   a   core   set   of   values   and   are   driven   towards   a   particular   direction   in   life.   This driving   force   is   determined   by   the   values   and   beliefs   he   or   she   holds   dear.   These   values   acts   as   guidelines   we   live   by   in   our   professional   and   personal   lives   respectively.   Without   values,   a   person   would   act   without   thoughts   or   feelings   but   if   one   has   values, he   or   she   is   bound   to   live   a   meaningful   life(Mannberg & Sporre,2010).
People   who   have   similar   values   and   beliefs   tend   to   understand   and   accept   each   other.   On   the   other   hand,   people   with   different   values   and   beliefs   may   find   it   very   difficult   to   get   along   creating   disagreement   and   sometimes   barriers   in   building   a   relationship(Mannberg &   Sporre,2010).
Value   are   important   psychological   objects   that   play   an   important   role   in   shaping   our   actions   and   our   thinking   on   daily   basis;   it   determines   our   behaviours   and   decisions   and   acts   as   a   guide   for   our   lives(Lovelace   and   White,2002).
They   are   ingrained   deeply   in   the   subconscious   part   of   the   mind   and   are   firmly   integrated   in   the   fabric   of   a   person’s   daily...

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