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Values and Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: smith86
  • on November 12, 2012
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Values and ethics are central to any organization. What exactly do we mean by values and ethics? Both are extremely broad terms, and we need to focus in on the aspects most relevant for strategic leaders and decision makers. Values can be defined as those things that are important to or valued by someone. Values are in everyday speech, a form of general expectations of appropriateness or unfairness. Values are typically projected in every type of civilization “values and ethnics”.
Ethics is not an easy word to define. Almost everyone wants to live an ethical life, but knowing what that means is not as simple as it sounds. Ethnics could mean the study of standards of conduct and moral judgment or the system or code of morals of a particular person, religion, group, profession, etc. “Ethics”.
There are many sources of professional values and ethnics for example you have professional integrity, academic Integrity, and Human Relations. Now when we talk about professional integrity, the word itself comes in a wide variety of responsibilities; like being honest in our professional transactions, giving recognition for other peoples' thoughts and not plagiarize work that you have not done yourself.
Then you have academic integrity, now when you think of the word I think of a high level of trust between two people “teacher and student”, “employer and employee”, and many more. Now with academic integrity there are many actions that can violate trust among two people like cheating, deliberately using or attempting to use unlawful resources.
Last you have human relations; when you hear the word human relations most people might get it confused with a business department which is correct, but when your discussing professional values and ethics. Human relations basically come into play saying you must treat associates, administrators, and classmates with respect.   Even if you find it challenging to deal with their national background, faith, etc., your actions or outlooks...

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