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Van Gelder Bat Essay

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Biodiversity, known as the variety of all life forms on Earth, from the tiniest bugs living in the soil, to the birds in your garden, the plants they feed from, and the biggest sharks in the sea, are indeed the basis of our human existence and our life support system. The ecosystem depends on biodiversity to do a wide variety of processes that are fundamental to humans and life in general, such as   regulating climatic processes, breaking down wastes and recycling nutrients, filtering and purifying water, buffering against flooding, maintaining soil fertility, purifying air, and providing natural resources such as wood, textiles, and of course food. The biological diversity we enjoy today is the product of millions of years of evolution, and biodiversity is constantly helping species change and adapt to new surroundings and circumstances. No matter how big or small, every organism has a special and important part in every ecosystem, and every living being is an integral part of its environment, influencing it on a positive or negative way.

A great example of a valuable contribution to biodiversity is the Van Gelder Bat, (Bauerus dubiaquercus) a mammal of vesper bat in the family Vespertilionidae that play an important role in the Honduran and Central American   ecosystem, eating masses of insect pests and helping to pollinate many plants. Even though the bat in general has had some bad publicity over the years, being portrayed as scary and vicious animals seeking to suck the blood of unsuspecting people, they are definitely a specie worth conserving and protecting. Why? Because aside from protecting the population of harmful quantities of insects and contributing to plant pollination, scientists have discovered how understanding bat biology, in particular their physiology or how their bodies work, may help human medical research. Almost every type of bat, including the Van Gelder Bat, possesses an interesting quality in its mouth, something that biologists have...

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