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Various Love Essay

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  • on October 19, 2013
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Comedy in Love or Love in Comedy:
“As You Like It” by W. Shakespeare

The theme of love mostly dominates the whole play “As You Like It” by W. Shakespeare in spite of all the threatening aspects of the play. The play begins with conflict of the two brothers, jealousy of court and murder plan. These obviously don’t give the audience any scope to think about love. They are kept in anxious about the future of the play_ what is going to happen? But as soon as the play moves towards the Forest of Arden, the audience can see the ray of hope that something good is going to happen. Love at first sight is one of the characteristics of pastoral romance tradition. So, we can see that all characters were affected by this cardinal aspect of love. Nonetheless, each love affair is different form others and gives the dramatist an opportunity to analyse love with its various dimensions. Therefore, like the other romantic comedies, this play also ends with marriage and happiness. In fact the romantic love in the play begins with the encounter of Rosalind and Orlando in the wrestling match. The innocence and immaturity of Orlando touch the heart of Rosalind and she fells in love after the glorious victory of Orlando. It was her generosity that she gave him her necklace as a token of love, though there was a fear of her uncle. Rosalind shows her witticism in her love expression. In fact she is passionately in love with Orlando but never express it. Rather, she keep continues to test the boy, playing love game one after another. Orlando expresses his love in verse_ Form east to western Ind No jewel is like Rosalind. In spite of her manly disguise, Rosalind’s passion becomes unbound when Orlando is late at the appointed time. She becomes excessively delighted when she comes to know that none but Orlando is the composer of the verse on the tree which is addressed to Rosalind. When Orlando became “sick”, Ganimed that is, Rosalind came forward to “cure” his love sickness. All these are...

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