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Vcda Essay

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Virtual Casa de América

Enjoy, Discover, Think, Visit!

Table of content
1 Introduction 3
1.1 Purpose and scope 3
1.2 Audience 3
2 The Virtual Casa de America 4
2.1 Phase 1 4
2.1.1 Key Benefits 4
2.2 Phase 2 5
2.2.1 Key Benefits & Costs 5
3 Metrics 6
4 Risks & Mitigations Actions 8
4.1 Resistance to change 8
4.2 Security Issues 8
4.3 Communication Issues 8
Purpose and scope
This document is a report of the “The Virtual Casa de América” (VCdA) project. Currently the first phase is accomplished and the second phase is about to start. The document analyses the phase 1 phase, obtaining insights from it, and also providing recommendations and next steps for the second phase.

This is an internal document. The intended audience of this document is the board of directors of the Casa de America Consortium

The Virtual Casa de America
In the following sections is depicted the Virtual Casa de America project.

Phase 1
The phase 1 consists in the redefinition of the previous web site. The previous web, site although at the time of its inception had been considered innovative, became obsolete and it was poor in term of UX due to the way it was evolved.

The new site goal it's to help and improve the Casa de America mission, which originally was the dissemination and promotion of Latin American culture and thinking in Spain. Currently with the available technologies, the scope can be extended beyond Spain.

Key Benefits
"The brick and mortar" Casa de America (CdA) was already generating contents through several events and programs aimed to spread Latin American culture and thinking. The first phase has leveraged on the internet capabilities to reach more people by generating content and generating communities. This content has been reshaped to formats more convenient to the users and the content has been made available to users to access it at any time they want.

It has been created different virtual...

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