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Verizon Essay

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Video games have been around since the late 1940’s.   Although many of the first games had violent themes, the controversy of violent content didn’t begin until the mid-1970’s.   And though there have been many changes in regards to video gaming, one thing hasn’t changed.   Children don’t give much thought about the possible side effects from video game playing. The main concern when choosing a game is probably based upon how much enjoyment the player expects to get out of it.   Over the years, society has begun to associate aggression in our children with these violent video games.   This paper will provide support and research about violent video games.   The question at hand is, is there an association with aggressive behavior in children based on video games due to the fact that the research is unclear?   There are many sides to this statement to argue, if there are benefits and or dangers to children’s behavior while playing violent video games.
According to (Hastings, 2009, p.638) “53% of games played by first – third- grade children contain violence, and this exposure to violence may lead to problematic mental health outcomes.”   The article “Game Plan” referenced a study that was conducted trying to prove the link between violent video game use and aggressive behavior.   What they actually found was how different parts of the brain react while the child is playing the video games.   It was feared that some of these reactions were negatively affecting the child’s normal thinking patterns including the decision making process.   During video game play, the child becomes fully engrossed in their new role, taking on the identity of their character.   The child is acting and reacting to the different situations that arise during the games.   These situations require quick judgment and decision making in order to survive. As the child’s confidence grows during successful game play, I can see how there could be concern that the child may bring the character to life.   Will...

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