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Vet Nursing Essay

  • Submitted by: ellerae123
  • on November 12, 2012
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Elle Rae Williams
Veterinary Nursing Certificate Four
ACMVET203A Assist Surgery Preparations

(e)Give step by step instructions on your clinic’s procedure for changing the oxygen bottle on the anaesthetic machine. Include OHS considerations.

  1. Make sure the oxygen bottle is completely turned off.
  2. Using the “emergency oxygen button” on the anaesthetic machine, release any built up pressure in the lines by holding it in until the indicator on the pressure gauge falls to 0kPa.
  3. Remove the oxygen bottle (still attached to the tubing to the anaesthetic machine) out from underneath the anaesthetic trolley and stand it upright.
  4. Recheck that the pressure gauge is still on 0 kPa and if fine, unscrew the fitting on the top of the oxygen bottle so that the prongs can be removed from the holes and the whole connection separated from the empty oxygen bottle.
  5. Put the used oxygen bottle to one side for the moment.
  6. Get the new oxygen bottle and remove the protective plastic that is wrapped around the valve at the top.
  7. Fit the gauge and tubing onto the new oxygen bottle, so that the prongs are sitting inside the correct holes and tighten.
  8. Screw the top into place firmly to reduce the chance of any leakages which can pose a threat of explosion if they are leaking near the anaesthetic machine or in the surgery room.   Once secure, gently turn the oxygen bottle on to ensure it is full and you cannot detect any leakages. Once you check this and if anything is fine turn the oxygen bottle off again, and release the excess pressure using the “emergency oxygen button” once again.   Double check the pressure is gone by looking at the pressure gauge.
  9. Place the new oxygen bottle underneath the anaesthetic trolley in the holders, making sure the pressure gauge is easily visible from the top.
  10. Place the used oxygen bottle behind the front desk so that everyone knows that it is used and needs to be refilled

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