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Views on Addiction Essay

  • Submitted by: texazholder
  • on January 8, 2013
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The view that I believe more so is cognitive-behavioral view. The reason that I believe this theory more than any other is because like many other things, the thing that a person may be persuaded by is the reward in the end. During the cognitive-behavioral view it’s about the expectancy of the effect of the drug so they are forced to do more and more drugs in order to reach that same effect.
There are two types of treatments used to treat drug abuse and substance abuse. The two types of treatment are BSCT and relapse-prevention training. BSCT is used by the person keeping track of anything that they may have been feeling, times, locations, changes in circumstances, or bodily changes that are related to their alcohol or substance abuse. During this they can learn the things that trigger the drinking or using and can learn coping strategies for the triggers. Relapse-prevention training is mostly successful whenever dealing with someone that has an addiction of sex, marijuana, cocaine, or alcohol. Relapse-prevention training is sort of like BSCT only it adds in the situation of planning ahead. It kind of tells a person when it’s okay to do the substance or the sexual addiction. An example of this is whenever teaching someone that having one or two drinks in appropriate conditions is okay once in a while.
Biological view is focused on things such as people that are born into families where alcohol or substance abuse and addiction may already present. For instance, whenever a cocaine addict carries a child and gives birth to the child, even whenever the child is removed from the biological parents and placed with an adoptive family, that substance abuse or drug abuse will still be “normal” for the child whenever they are older.
I don’t completely agree with this theory because many people have been born into families where substance abuse was a part of their parent’s lives and they have turned against those drugs or alcohol in order to not do the same as their...

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