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Virtual Memory - Paging and Segmentation Essay

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Below is an essay on "Virtual Memory - Paging and Segmentation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Table of Contents
A. Abstract 1
B. Virtual Memory with Paging 2
Article 1: Computer System Memory Management and Optimization Techniques 2
Article 2: Modern Operating Systems - Virtual Memory with Paging 3
Article 3: Virtual Memory: Issues of Implementation 4
Article 4: Operating System Concepts - Demand Paging, Page Size 4
Article 5: Virtual Memory - Page Replacement Algorithms 5
C. Virtual Memory with Segmentation 6
Article 1: Virtual Memory with Segmentation 6
Article 2: Understanding Operating Sytems - Memory Management - Segmentation 6
Article 3: OS Concurrent and Distributed Software Design - Segmented Virtual Memory 7
Article 4: Operating Systems Design and Implementation - Segmentation 7
Article 5: The Multics virtual memory 8
D. References 9

A. Abstract
This purpose of this report is to create a reference library on memory management. It contains references to books and journals on memory management using paging and segmentation techniques. Additionally, it also contains summaries of all the books and journals     referenced in this report.

B. Virtual Memory with Paging
Article 1: Computer System Memory Management and Optimization Techniques
Source: (Zhu & Qiao, 2012)
This article focuses primarily on studying the various optimization techniques to     improve the performance of a system’s memory. It begins by introducing the hierarchical structure of the main memory. Then it moves on to the cache design and techniques to       optimize the performance of the cache memory. One of the key responsibilities of memory management, page replacement, is studied next, starting from static page replacement         algorithms such as, FIFO, LRU and the modified versions of FIFO known as second chance and clock algorithms. The authors discuss the limitations and benefits of each algorithm.     Static algorithms in a dynamic environment could not perform optimally, and so authors...

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