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Virtual Storage Essay

  • Submitted by: vckumar2004
  • on September 19, 2012
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1) Explain virtual storage on the IBM System i
Virtual Storage
Virtual Storage consists of objects that, when used together, imitate tape, CD, DVD and
write-once read-many (WORM) media on the disk units of a System i5. The imitated media
appear to the server to be actual media.
When virtual storage is used, a virtual device description is created to support the virtual
storage, in a similar way that an actual device description is needed to support a physical tape
Virtual storage is of benefit for the following reasons:
_ Eliminates media errors
_ Eliminates user intervention
_ Increases system availability
_ Simplifies software and data distribution by using electronic distribution
_ allows CD, DVD and tape creation using the DUPTAP or DUPOPT commands
_ increases security by using Object signing for digital signatures
_ simplifies creating copies by using catalog shadowing to create them
Virtual Tape
Virtual tape devices use virtual tape volumes that are created on a servers disk units.
Virtual tape devices can perform the same tasks as
a physical tape except:
_ Install of base i5/OS (RSTLICPGM is supported)
_ Dump to Media from SST & DST
The considerations for using virtual tape storage include the:
_ Correct authority to create virtual images
_ Disk space requirements (smallest volume size is 48 MB. The largest is 1,000,000 MB)
_ Quantity of virtual image volumes required
_ Maximum block size supported by the physical tape device that the virtual tape volume will
be saved to
_ User profiles used to create the virtual tape volume must have their maximum storage
allowed attribute set to *MAX.

  2) Explain the IBM System I disk storgae capabilities

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