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Visual Essay

  • Submitted by: jojiagbaje
  • on November 13, 2012
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Thesis: veterans should have the same if not more of an advantage when it comes down to the workforce, because they have shown that they are more than capable to handle the workload that could possibly be given to them.

The unemployment of veterans has gotten out of hand. The veterans who served in the September 2001 era have seen a great increase of unemployment. They found that a large majority of veterans in that era participated in a labor force in 2008, and they had an unemployment rate of 7.3%. In veterans between the age of 18 & 24 the unemployment rate was over 29.1%, most people would say this is more than likely because someone that age must have a disability for them to not be in the armed forces anymore; these fact and numbers were calculated based on non-disabled veterans. In 2010 the unemployment rate for all veterans was 8.7%, not really good but it dropped another .4% by 2011 to 8.3%which in that year was higher than that of the nonveterans. After being out there fighting for what the love, it’s an insult to come home and have to start scrambling in some cases to even be able to eat there next meal.
So all you employers out there who are looking for great potential employees shouldn’t have too far to look, there are over 2million veterans looking for work. Those of you who are not technically employees but have thing even around the house that you want done but don’t really want to or have the personnel to do it, I'm asking that you just help out with the problem at hand. Those of you who not only love your country but those who risk their lives to keeping it what it is today should really want to help them.
The arguer has a great deal of personal experience with this piece of advocacy advertisement.   Being from a family with three veterans who have fought in the war in Iraq and are unemployed, the audience can trust that he has had a lot of first hand experiences with the issue. As a family member of unemployed veterans that are as...

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