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Vitamin C Analysis

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Jordan Kemp October 23, 2014

Review of Literature: Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid. It is an essential nutrient for humans and certain other animal species. There is much Vitamin C in many plants/fruits like, Rose hips, Oranges, Papayas, Lemon, Melon, Raspberry. In animals Vitamin C is especially important in wound healing and in preventing bleeding from capillaries.

Hypothesis: If each type/brand orange juice is analyzed then they will contain either the same or different amount of Vitamin C.  
Independent: color of indicator (Vitamin C,) Dependent: starch indicator

1.Sunny D orange juice 
2.Florida's Natural 
3.Mintue Maid 
5.Langers Pure Concentrate 
6.Freshly Squeezed 
7.Medicin Dropper 
8.Stirring rod 
9.Distilled Water 
10.50 & 10mL medicine cups 
12.Corn Starch 
13.Tincture of Iodine 

1.Prepare the Vitamin C indicator (Starch-Iodine) 
a. Add 2 grams of corn starch in 200mL of cold distilled water 
b. Boil the Mixture fully in a glass bowl 
c. Add 8mL of the starch solution and 1mL of tincture of Iodine to one liter of water. The color of the starch solution must turn to blue. 
2. In an empty 50mL medicine cup pour 10Ml of vitamin C indicator 
3. With the use of a clean medicine dropper, add one drop of orange juice sample to the starch indicator and swirl the liquids. 
4. Continue to do #3 until the indicator turns clear. 
5. Repeat all the steps above three times for each sample 
6. Calculate the average number of drops it takes to change the color of the indicator from blue to clear for each sample. 

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