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Volcanoes Essay

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What is a Volcano?
Volcanoes are places where molten rock from below the earth’s crust reaches to the surface. Volcanoes can come in different shapes and sizes. Some volcanoes build high mountains, while lava from other volcanoes flow over the surface to produce plains. Some volcanoes burst or explode molten rock out of it, while others just let the molten rock gently flow out of a hole. Some erupt once and then die off, while others live and erupt for millions of years. Some volcanoes have a simple round hole at the top; others have cracks that are hundreds of kilometers long. The most common volcano shape on land is a cone. Volcanoes also happen underwater.

Rock at the center of the earth is hot. The center of the Earth temperature is somewhere between 5000 and 7000°C. Most rock has a melting point of between 1000 and 1500°C.If you were to dig a hole towards the center of the Earth, the temperature would rise, on average, by 30°C for every kilometer you dug down. So by the time you reached a depth of 35 kilometers the rock around you would have started to melt. This is where the molten rock that is brought to the surface by volcanoes comes from.

Famous Volcanoes

Mount Vesuvius (Italy)
Although it happened almost 2000 years ago, the destruction of the Roman town of Pompeii by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius is still the best known volcanic disaster in history. In the early hours of August 79 AD, when most people were asleep, Vesuvius erupted, covering the city with ash. Fortunately many residents had already left the city of 20, 00 inhabitants because the volcano had been rumbling and blowing black smoke for several days. Some people died from poisonous gas the rolled down the volcanoes sides. Others died from suffocation and still others when roofs collapsed under the weight of ash. Excavation and restoration of the city continues, and today the city is a museum: it shows what a Roman city was like just after the time of Julius Caesar. This claimed the...

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