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Voting Behaviour For Either Labour Or The Conserva Essay

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Explain changes in the patterns of voting in post-world war 2 in British General elections

There are many reasons and events that can be held accountable for the voting behaviour change within the UK since the post-war period. Research has shown that the majority of people are stable voters; they always support the same party at every election. For many people there was one form on voting behaviour during the post-war period and that was class voting. Voting behaviour can be explained in many different ways, but when properly looked at and analysed, there are many different reasons that can be used to explain why people vote the way they do and also what causes them to vote the way they do. The post-war period between 1945-70 was the period of the two-party dominance. Since the seventies the Labour and Conservative party power has remained unfazed in the British parliament, however this hold has loosened over time in the local governments and the popular base of the two party system has begun to wear off among the voters.
Voting behaviour during the post war period was very easy to explain with people voting for either Labour or the Conservatives. This started a tradition and trend for the two party votes. During that time social class played a big influence in the way people would vote. People were seen being either middle or working class, depending on the jobs that they had and also the amount of education they had, which proved to make a difference between the social classes and the preferred party of people in those classes. Most people would go for their party that seemed to have their best interests. Same of the working class would vote for the Labour party and the majority of middle class would vote for the Conservatives. An average of 90 per cent of voters supported these two major parties. The remaining votes would go to the Liberals or being the floating votes which was those who seems moving aimlessly between party or non-voting. It became clear...

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