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Wag the Dog Essay

  • Submitted by: LamLamLe
  • on August 19, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Class: Modern Times – Dr. Ryan Preston
The film tells a story at the time the US is having an election. Two weeks before the Election Day, the president is accused of sexual involvement with a “Firefly Girl”. This is totally not favorable for his reputation, especially while he is running for the US President Election. Therefore, two government officials, Conrad Brean and Winifred Ames, who are responsible for arranging any trouble related to the president, have to do something to distract people from the sexual scandal. They come to see Stanley Motss-a famous film producer in Hollywood for help. Motss then comes up with a short video showing a panic girl screaming in a badly destroyed village in Albania to make people believe that it is true there is a war.
Soon after that, the CIA investigate and detect this film about the war is not reliable. While Brean and Ames appear to be hopeless in the situation, Motss comes up with another idea of a hero coming back from the war and that he was thown away “like an old shoe”. Motss is then given a soldier named Schumann who is supposed to act as an alive witness of the war. However, on their first meeting on a plane, the crew could realized that Schumann is actually a mentally disordered convict before the plane crashes. But they are rescued by a farmer. The following morning, Schumann is killed by the farmer because he is getting mad and trying to rape his daughter. And Motss continues to make up his story that Schumann cannot survive due to injuries during the crash.
Unexpectedly, Motss wants to have credits for everything he did to help the president get out of his scandals. He threatens to tell the truth to the public, despite being warned of troubles he may get later. A few days after, Motss is found dead of a heart attack at his house. Finally, the president wins the election and a piece of news on TV is talking about a violent incident in Albania, making people confused of any war happening again…
The film...

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