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War In Star Troop And Alls q On The Western Front Essay

  • Submitted by: shivshady
  • on February 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "War In Star Troop And Alls q On The Western Front" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The two books "Starship troopers" and "Alls quiet on the western front" are both set at a time where the word war is prominent. At a time when destruction and devastation are both the call for the day. In both books we have the narrator who experiences war and its effects, he struggles but manages to get through whatever war throws at him. Through him we are able to see war right in the face, to be exposed to his everyday strife, witness his agitation and appreciate his hardship. Through these characters eyes the author displays a picture of what he has witnessed and their views and opinions on certain subjects. In Alls quiet on the western front, the cruelty and abomination of war can be witnessed, in relation to the futuristic Starship troopers the idea of a better world which can be gained by following the ideas he has created, yet at the same time showing war in terms of unlimited violence where cities are lost instead of pitiful pieces of land. We see the helplessness the characters face when they lose their loved ones, watch their friends die, become morally drained and physically depleted. We understand that war is a monster itself, a personification, we realise that war is not just the battle itself but also the effects it creates. Anxiety   is a effect of war, so is the longing for revenge, war has a widespread effect which hits a recruit soldier. But we notice, that soldiers in St are much more composed, relaxed and able to handle the situation of war much better than the soldiers on Alls quiet on the western front. This is because the intensive training, the laborious education, the high tech appliances and weapons make it remarkably easy for a soldier to handle the subject of war opposed to one which has little of these. With the attributes of fitness, sharpness, a strong mentality to persevere and courage all being taught to you for long period, this takes over when it comes to experiencing war, it's as if you are gently eased in to it.   This is the...

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