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War of 1812 Essay

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  • on October 17, 2013
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The War of 1812, commonly referred to as the “Second Revolution”, had a very complex system of causes. The still fledgling country of the U.S. had just distanced itself from France who, throughout their revolution and under the Napoleonic regime, threatened neutrality at every turn. Washington urged at the end of his two terms for the states to remain neutral, free of the entanglements, of Europe. The following presidents followed suit with Washington and Adams terminated the alliance with France with the convention of 1800. Then, Jefferson took office in the election of 1800, “the revolution of 1800”, and for the first time in history a Democratic-republican held office. New England and the Federalists began to see how the tables turned away from them by each passing day. The government no longer encouraged the growth of business as much as it had under Adams and to make matters worse the British and France were hindering foreign trade. Jefferson was hard pressed to solve the problem, but he also knew that going against the precedent set by Washington would not be warmly welcomed. War was on the horizon as Jefferson left office and James Madison came to power. New England was decimated by the embargo, put into action by Jefferson, and called to Madison to act on the problem. Madison tried to follow suit with Jefferson and not stimulate business directly as well as to remain neutral with Europe. However, the “War Hawks”, like John C. Calhoun, pressured him to declare war and the pressure grew too great for Madison to ignore. The British seizure of ships, British impressment of sailors, problems on the Western Frontier and a hunger for land, “war hawk” party politics, and a growing sense of nationalism drove the President to declare The United States’ second war with Britain, in June of 1812.
Europe knew that, though not the strongest nation, U.S. aid could tip the scales in ones favor and thus neither France nor Britain wanted the U.S. trading with the other and...

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