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Warfighting Essay

  • Submitted by: alexbayo
  • on January 5, 2013
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War is defined as “a violent clash of interests between or among organized groups characterized by the use of military force.”   However, one sentence cannot begin to define what war really is.   War is a human endeavor.   Humans cannot be viewed in black or white and neither can war.   “Warfighting” establishes an understanding of war through four sections: the nature of war, the theory of war, preparing for war, and the conduct of war.   The nature of war establishes a foundation on which we can view war.   Friction, uncertainty, fluidity, and disorder are attributes of war that affect both the enemy and us. We must not let these hinder our efforts and use these to our advantage against the enemy.   War is a human enterprise and is subject to the complexities of human nature.   What I thought was most interesting about this section was the science and art of war.   The science of war includes weapons capabilities, methods of fire, and techniques that we can use.   The art of war is the man on the ground, in our case, the squad leader’s application of these factors in any given situation.   We can use military doctrine to our advantage by using it in creative ways to destroy the enemy in any situation.
The theory of war establishes concepts that are essential to winning.   Most importantly is the enemy’s center of gravity and critical vulnerabilities.   A center of gravity would be an enemy’s most critical strength.   Our aim is to destroy the enemy’s center of gravity.   However this cannot be effectively accomplished from attacking it directly.   We need to exploit the enemy’s critical vulnerabilities or weaknesses in order to effectively destroy their center of gravity.   Furthermore these factors must be considered for ourselves.   What is our center of gravity? What are our critical vulnerabilities?   It is reasonable to say that the enemy will try and destroy our center of gravity and exploit our critical vulnerability just as we do to them so we must...

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