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Watchovia Essay

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Information Systems Management
Rui Castelo m2012122

What competitive Advantages can the companies described two cases derive from the use of faster technology and co-location of server with the exchanges?   Which would you say are sustainable, and which ones temporary or easily imitable?
After reading the case studies I realize that the old saying it’s actually true, time is money. Both the competitive advantages of each case were related to time gain, Investment companies and Wachovia corporate introduced faster technologies to their work mode which allowed them to reduce time in operations since for instance Wachovia spent 16h solving some processes and now it takes only 15 minutes, a huge time gain for a company, and with that also reduce costs in production. To do this they streamlined their sections for faster connections between systems creating a easy channel in the network which globe all aspects of the company but with speed as their goal.
Since their main concerns were related to speed, they focused on the calculations to gain more time, that extra millisecond in the case of investment companies that could represent 100 million dollar profit in the end of the year, and somehow ignoring other important aspects of Information Technologies.
As everything we know, Technology and new innovations are not a finished product and also have a time cycle, therefore this way of thinking was temporary and limitable, which can cause more cost in the future.
When you think of speed you need to think about availability as well, with service and reliability as the positive aspects of a co relation servers with exchanges, this facilitate in networking and increases the costumer productivity.

Tony Bishop of Wachovia stated that “Competitive advantage comes from your math, your workflow and processing through your systems.” Referring to what you have learned in this chapter, developing opposing viewpoints as to the role of IT, if any, in the development of...

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