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Water Cycle Essay

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  • on January 26, 2013
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Water is a unique substance that is essential to life. More than 99 percent of moisture is in constant storage in oceans, lakes, streams, glaciers, and Earth's subsurface. The remaining 1 percent or Earth's total moisture is involved in the hydrologic cycle. The hydrologic cycle, powered by energy from the Sun, is a continuous exchange of moisture between the oceans, the atmosphere, and the land. Heat initiates the process of evaporation where water is transformed into vapor. Water vapor then rises up to the atmosphere. As the ocean occupies 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, 86 percent of moisture evaporated into the atmosphere is derived from the ocean surfaces (Hess, 2011, p. 235). After the water enters the lower atmosphere, rising air currents carry it upward, often high into the atmosphere, where the air is cooler. In the cool air, water vapor is more likely to condense from a gas to a liquid to form cloud droplets. Cloud droplets can grow and produce precipitation (including rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and hail), which is the primary mechanism for transporting water from the atmosphere back to the Earth’s surface.   78 percent of precipitation that falls back into the ocean is immediately incorporated with the water already present. The other 22 percent that fall on land masses are collected into lakes, runs off on sloped surfaces or infiltrates the surface.
Some of the water that falls onto Earth’s surface is absorbed into crust of the Earth through percolation or from seepage from lakes and streams. The amount of water absorbed and stored underground is dependent upon the porosity and permeability of surface material. When rain hits the surface of the Earth and is absorbed into the crust, this area is called the zone of aeration. The zone of aeration can be a few centimeters to hundreds of meters in depth. This zone rests on top of the zone of saturation and is filled partly by water and partly by air. The zone of saturation is where the...

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