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We Are All Americans Essay

  • Submitted by: darweezy
  • on February 20, 2012
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We Are All Americans
Darwyn Bautista
HIS 204 American History
Instructor: Lisa Burgin
January 16, 2012

America came a long way from what it was before. The American public lives with what may seem to be society with no color lines. It was not always like this, in the past people lived in isolation, certain races had categories. America has made significant changes in order to be able what we have today. In this essay I will talk about how African-Americans worked to end segregation, discrimination, and isolation to attain equality and civil rights in the United States to now.

African-Americans face adverse predicaments in the first decades of the 20th century. They have face very difficult situations concerning the legal system and the cultural values. The face segregation, discrimination, and isolation. African-Americans faced had faced racial discrimination like no other race in America. Segregation (2010) Laws and practices enforced racial separation, as did the belief in white (European American) genetic and social superiority. Segregation as a social practice applied to numerous racially subordinated people in the United States, including people of Mexican, Chinese, and other immigrant origins whom European Americans identified as “colored.” Segregation as a system reached its most full-blown proportions when applied to African Americans.

Today we see African-Americans have the same opportunities as every race; however it was not always this way. In the 19th century African-Americans faced segregation, discrimination, and isolation. Segregation was common during those days, African-Americans Bowles (2011) separation and segregation were the rule of the land, with African Americans riding in separate railroad cars, getting water out of their own drinking fountains, and even having their own courthouses and hotels. These facilities were of a far lower standard than the ones enjoyed by whites. But worst of all, voting regulations virtually...

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