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Web Design Essay

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Web Design Troubleshooting

Professor Margaret Baker
  I. Introduction
  * Problems in a web design
  * verifying   removal of errors
  II. Having a Web Design Checklist will help
  * Related files uploaded
  * CSS are validated
  III. Using case-sensitive can hurt you
  * should be done carefully at filenames on the server
  * files with same name stored in different directories

Web Design Troubleshooting
The question that every designer seems to ask is how to fix problems in a web design world. Like everything else there will be challenges but the biggest challenge is getting it right. Problems come unexpectedly; the worst part of the problem finding them. You can be surprised how many problems you can encounter, by misspelling a file name or not uploading a file. It’s recommend when you’re having problems, to use a checklist and take it step by step. By checking if your steps are correct and verifying that you removed a possible “error.” Using a step by step checklist will help correct and get you in the right track. The idea of having a checklist is to find out where the errors are, before the website goes live.
Trouble shooting checklist: ask yourself these questions: Are the files that are related to the page uploaded? Some URL of the relevant file should be in the browser and make sure that it doesn’t get 404 errors. This includes from JavaScript’s; HTML’s, CSS, and the right Images from other external files. Are the URLs used correctly for the files? For some odd reason if your webpage is not been displayed correctly, ensure you go to your host provider and make sure that you have the correct URL. The files linked with HTML, refer the exact URL browsed to in first step.
Is your HTML validating? HTML validator might fix some problems with errors. In some areas this isn’t that important to have a valid HTML, make sure isn’t not causing any problems. “If validating the HTML and CSS doesn't help, then you...

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