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Wee2 Finance Essay

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The pricing for any particular product, especially new products are very important when it comes to peeking interest and overall success. There are many different variables that come into play but the main factor would be demographics. Depending on the location we will alter prices to accommodate the population in that location. This will benefit sells as well as advertisement because there won’t be a base price for each store, but a fluctuating price to ensure maximum profit and public awareness of this new product. Because there are many different salads being marketed in the restaurant business we decided to make our product unique in name as well as ingredients.   This will ultimately allow us to set ourselves apart from other distributors and we will start our own identity with pricing. A very appealing and loaded salad at a reasonable and affordable price will be our mantra. Also, because this product is new we will include coupons in the local papers to attract potential customers. These coupons will have a variety of different specials such as; buy one get one free, buy two get one half price, and one free item with purchase of salad. All locations in upper class communities will carry discount coupons but operate at a higher price than other locations. Mainly because people in these communities are health conscious already and don’t need much incentive to buy a salad. The sites in middle-class communities will use the discount coupons at the same rate as the upper-class communities because they probably would hold the same interest and values about health as the upper-class neighborhoods. The lower-class communities are not as health concerned as other classes and don’t have the same resources as other communities. So to attract these consumers we will use discounted rates by way of coupons as well as in- store discounts to promote a healthy product at reasonable prices.

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