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Week 1 Discussion Questions Essay

  • Submitted by: nileac
  • on February 19, 2012
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Week One Discussion Questions

Explore the major underlying assumptions of a biopsychology approach.
Mental events cause biological consequences and vice versa.
What is the relationship between genes, cells, and behavior?
Cells are composed of nuclei, nuclei store chromosomes, and chromosomes are the code for genes.  
Proteins are long chains of amino acids that control which cell activities?
Proteins control the physiological activities of the cell
What are the five major divisions of the brain and their associated psychological functions?
1. Myelencephalon- psychological functions: sleep, attention, movement, maintenance of muscle tone, cardiac, circulatory and respiratory reflexes.
2. Metencephalon- composed of 2 portions, the pons and the cerebellum this division is responsible for regulating breathing (pons) and muscle movements, sensory from the inner ear.
3. Mesencephalon- there are 2 divisions of the this part of the brain, the are responsible for the auditory and visual functions
5.Diencephalon- this division of the brain receives signals form sensory receptors process the and then transmits the signals to the appropriate area of sensory cortex.
4.Telencephalon- this division is responsible for the voluntary movements, interpreting sensory input and the cognitive process (learning, speaking, and problem solving)
What are the advantages and disadvantages to using humans in biopsychology research
Advantages to using humans in biopsychology: Humans have the ability to follow directions, they can report their experiences and are less expensive to use than animals.
Disadvantages: the human brain is complex and the non-human subjects are simpler to study. In non-human subjects is more likely to reveal fundamental brain-behavior interactions.

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