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Week 1 Diversity Worksheet Essay

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  • on August 6, 2015
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Diversity Worksheet

Answer each question in 50 to 150 words. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

1. What is diversity?
  Diversity is a concept that encompasses acceptance and respect. Meaning that each individual is unique and that we all have differences in the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, or political beliefs. It is the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive and nurturing environment and about understanding each other and moving beyond to embracing and celebrating the dimensions within each individual.

  A.   Why is diversity valued? Diversity is valued because it is fair and it’s what makes the United States who they are like in the workplace my company is very diverse in the workplace they hire many different races and offer the employment opportunity to any member of society that may have knowledge in the type of field we work in. I believe this is important due to the different types of people we have in our society today, it makes it fair for everyone. Also by embracing our diversity we get the opportunity to learn different things from people of different ethnic backgrounds which can be very rewarding.

2. What is ethnocentrism? It’s a way of looking at other cultures as if it is less than your own culture, For example when Columba’s came to discover the America’s he ran into the American Indians treating them as if they were second to them because the culture was different. They tried to change the Indians and indoctrinate them into their ways of living rather than the ways the Indians were used to of course that backfired causing a lot of unnecessary death.

  A. In what ways can ethnocentrism be detrimental to a society? This can be bad because it ultimately can lead to racism and prejudice. This is why racial and cultural tolerance is so important. We must also realize that our own way is not the only...

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