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Week 1 Paper Required Audience Profile

  • Submitted by: purpleeme
  • on September 21, 2012
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Required Audience Profile

1) Complete the Required Audience Profile

  1. My primary audience is internal.
  2. His name is Jeff Clarke. He is 23 years old. He is a male while dealing with a grandmother that has been ill since he was 22 years old.
  3. He knows little about the topic.
  4. My audience requires that the formality should be proper and getting straight to the point of this report.
  5. I expect my audience to react to this message by comprehending what has to be done in order for it to not happen again.
  6. Jeff’s values are focused on his grandmother and that is cares mostly about her well being.
  7. I want him to have a clear and precise understanding what he has to do in order to keep his job.
  8. He wouldn’t have benefits if he has another person working in his place. The only thing that he could do is work overtime in order to complete those hours that he had missed when he went on leave.
  9. I think the information that I need to include for the secondary audience is the guidelines in the next report, so that way the future employees who will be working for this company will know what they have to do.
  10. The medium that I would go with when it comes to the most appropriate one for this message is print, so it could be in Jeff’s file and there will be evidence of what was said, so we as the employees will know.

  * Select an appropriate choice of medium:

  * I would pick print since you have to document what reports were made in order for the supervisor to see it.

3) Write a message to Jeff using an appropriate media choice denying his request and explaining the reasons why.

  1. Dear Jeff,

It is understood that your grandmother is not well and that she requires direct care. Unfortunately, based on the needs of the company, I am presently unable to continue granting emergency leaves for this reason. As you are aware, this weekend is expected to be very busy with an influx of guests from...

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