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Week 2 Critical Essay

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Barriers to Critical Thinking
Teri-Ann Phillip
Instructor: James Nobis

Barriers to Critical Thinking
    There are many barriers that can, and do affect us from thinking critically. Mostly these barriers can impede our abilities and cause a lack of effectiveness in our decision-making skills. Can also result in poor choices that create undesired effects. It is best to think things through to the best of one's abilities.
The Self-Serving Bias
      One barrier to critical thinking is self-serving biases. I had this theory that if my actions do not need to be rationalized if the motives are good. The characteristics of others even post a threat. These situations can cause us to develop a self-serving attitude. This bias may alter our thinking and perception, like a shield, and enhance our self-esteem. Not everyone can accept or confess to failure. Some can't deal with the idea of seeming inadequate in any way. Others feel the need to overcompensate. These factors, among others, lead to individuals lying or finding excuses for their shortcomings. According to Ridel (2015) "In order to become a critical thinker, you must learn to identify and modify your tendency to rationalize your behavior and opinions" (p.64). To overcome my self-serving bias, I plan on relinquishing thoughts of inadequacy and accept that no one is perfect. Frankly, it's unfair to me and others never to take the blame for my wrong doings or mistakes.

The Emotional Barriers
      Another barrier to critical thinking is emotional influences. There are many aspects of emotional influences such as depression, anger, and passion. Emotions have the ability to get the best of us. It is easy to be swayed by how we feel. It is hard to make critical decisions when one is angry or upset. Things are not rational and have a tendency to become clouded and unclear. If this happens, it is best to step back from the situation and wait until your emotions have calmed.   I...

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