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Week 2 Discussion 1 Essay

  • Submitted by: real2008
  • on January 24, 2013
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Neal LeBaron;s Assignment

Week 2 Discussion 1

Over the past two to three years, my wife and I have gone through a plethora of modern technologies and mobile wireless devices, all of which were either stolen, lost,broken, or sold for necessity or to turn a profit. We have gone through an HP laptop 2008 model broke a year ago. 4 ipod touches 2 were eight gig and 2 were 32 gig and they were all the latest models at the time of their purchase. an HTC smartphone. the 2011 model of the duel core processor, internet tethering, motorrolla Atrix android cell phone, a 2009 macbook pro I was in love with, two iphones, one the first model the second was the 3gs,and even three playstation 3 game consoles. I always felt up to date, however every year they come out with new capabilities. So I will never fully be up to date. My wife and I just bought what we hope to be the best devices at the best prices to last a good five years i hope. I just purchased a refurbished HP pavillion 17.8 in display, beats audio, fingerprint scanner, the works and i only paid 500 new it is a 900 dollar computer. We also got the newest model of the android Atrix with a duel core processor for 170, The newest ipod touch 5 which was 350, and the new 10.1 galaxy tab 2 from samsung also 350.   I realized recently that with Apple they will continue to strive as the best of the best. But, in reality you are just paying for the the apple sign. Android is determinately going and far with it's capabilities, which I find better is every way   aside from Ashford not having a mobile app yet.I believe I made great choices both in spending and latest technologies.The features I enjoy these devices for is cloud services, music and radio, web browsing, school, games and netfix and youtube. The benefits are tremendous with each device

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