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Week 6 Sci/241 Checkpoint Essay

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Week 6 Checkpoint: Three Day Activity Analysis

Over the past three days I have recorded my daily activity levels while at work and have seen how just a slight change in the intensity level of the activity can change the overall expenditure of calories and the activity score. To get an average of true physical activity level at work I selected two days where I walked at a good pace of 2.5 miles per hour and one day where I selected a more casual pace of 2 miles per hour. On the two days where I choose 2.5 miles per hour I got a physical activity score of 100, on the day I slowed the pace down to 2 miles per hour I got a score of zero. There was also a major difference in the amount of calories that was burned on each day between the different paces. For just simply walking at a more brisk pace of just a half a mile an hour faster it burned off almost 1600 calories more over the span of my work day, calculated at 720 minutes, raising the number of calories burned from 3019 on the slow day to 4629 with the increased pace. Making some minor changes in your activity level and the pace at which you complete them can make a significant difference in the amount of energy and calories that expend throughout the day.
Considering that I spend on average about 14 hours at work each day I work it is hard to find time to exercise or participate in other physical activities on a consistent basis. When I do get a chance to participate in activities outside of work I enjoy playing baseball, swimming with my daughter, or going to the gym doing some cardio and lifting weights for a couple of hours.   But, there are activities at work that I can participate in that would help raise my activity levels and increase my daily physical output. I already spend a vast majority of my day walking around following up on projects, employees, and taking care of customer issues, but I can do other things throughout the day to increase this activity level such as helping to unload...

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