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Week 8 Discussion Essay

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Many times the efficiency of an algorithm depends on the data structures used in the algorithm. A wise choice in the structure you use in solving a problem can reduce the time of execution, the time to implement the algorithm and the amount of memory used.
The problem
let’s consider the following problem: In a room are N persons and we will define two persons are friends if they are directly or indirectly friends. If A is a friend with B and B is a friend with C, then A is a friend of C too. A group of friends is a group of persons where any two persons in the group are friends. Given the list of persons that are directly friends find the number of groups of friends and the number of persons in each group. For example N = 5 and the list of friends are: 1-2, 5-4, and 5-1. Here is the figure of the graph that represents the groups of friends. 1 and 2 are friends, then 5 and 4 are friends, and then 5 and 1 are friends, but 1 is friend with 2; therefore 5 and 2 are friends, etc.

In the end there are 2 groups of friends: one group is {1, 2, 4, 5}, the other is {3}.
The solution
This problem can be solved using BFS, but let’s see how to solve this kind of problem using data structures for disjoint sets. First of all: a disjoint-set data structure is a structure that maintains a collection S1, S2, S3, …, Sn of dynamic disjoint sets. Two sets are disjoint if their intersection is null. For example set {1, 2, 3} and set {1, 5, 6} aren’t disjoint because they have in common {1}, but the sets {1, 2, 3} and {5, 6} are disjoint because their intersection is null. In a data structure of disjoint sets every set contains a representative, which is one member of the set.
Let’s see how things will work with sets for the example of the problem. The groups will be represented by sets, and the...

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