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West and Middle East Post Wwii Essay

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  • on October 19, 2013
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Gregory Carlo
2. Explain the complicated relationship between the West and the Middle East post WWII. In doing so, you should consider the following themes: the history of colonialism, the cold war, religion, ethnic identity, and nationalism.
In the Middle East, tensions with the West have been rampant for many years.   Both sides have different views on the specific causes and reasoning behind the tensions, but many factors truly play into this.   The history in the region of colonial rule, of religious conflict, and of foreign influences, or interferences to some, have all been big factors in the ongoing, sometimes brutal, tensions between the two worlds.
Tensions have been around as far back as the end of WWI with the falling of the Ottoman and Persian empires.   The vast majority of the subsequent countries brought about with the fall of these empires falling under foreign control, mostly under mandates from the League of Nations, caused much unrest and anti-Western sentiment throughout the regions.   Arab uprising during WWI was a huge part of the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The resentment dated back as far as the 18th century, with the Wahhabi revolt, an attempt to rid the area of outside influence and clean Islam of corrupt practices they had started to develop.   With this resentment, the Arab leaders believed when they declared independence in Mecca in 1916, they would have British support. Instead, most of the area was put under British or French control.   To make tensions and hate worse, the French created a new state of Lebonan along the coastal border of their mandate of Syria, to place the Christian people there under Christian Administration.
The rampant oil craze that rushed through Western nations, which got a huge boost in 1938, with the American-Saudi Arabian oil conglomerate, Aramco, began a never ending dispute that rages on today over control of all of it.   Another huge nationalistic problem caused early on was the conflict of...

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