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Westjet Case Study

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In today’s society, companies should be constantly changing what they do and how they do things in order to avoid problems in the long run that may have hindering effects on the performances of the companies. This is what makes WestJet such a well-functioning and profitable company. They have many key components that help them stay afloat, and not only tread above water, but make a profit while doing so. Some of the elements include using teamwork and groups to build a solid foundation within their employees, effectively managing conflict and negotiations, their unique organizational culture and structure, and their view of ethics within the workplace. The focus in this report will include these areas due to the importance WestJet seems to place in them. With all these factors in play, it makes it easy for WestJet to create standards, set goals, and push competition aside by enforcing these four constituents.
Teamwork and Groups
A high performance organization such as WestJet strives to have great relations with its employees and even greater results. Neither can be accomplished without elevated levels of teamwork and cooperation between co-workers within the organization. WestJet's corporate culture focuses on this idea. Every year, WestJet receives “118,000 applications for the 1300 jobs advertised” (Parker 2010), making them one of the most sought after Canadian businesses to work for. One of the chief reasons for this is WestJet's culture and importance of teamwork which is evident in “the accessibility of senior executives and the opportunity for staff to speak their mind on any issues” (Parker 2010). WestJetters are trusted within the organization to solve their own problems based on what they think best aligns with the company's core values. This trust ensures WestJetters feel pride in the work they accomplish and increases their loyalty to WestJet, thus strengthening WestJet's culture and bonds as an organization. To further connect the...

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