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Westrners Overseas Essay

  • Submitted by: rbdawson
  • on November 12, 2012
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The Vietnamese people were able to come together during and after warfare within the nation, and were able to restore their national identity, because of their strong character and will.   However, they were forced to endure through centuries of fighting off foreign invaders of their nation. Although the Vietnamese people are an agrarian people, the hardships that they have endured have given them the ability to think strategically and adapt to circumstances, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Centuries ago Vietnam was occupied by China, and this nation was forced to fight persistently for its independence against a difficult and experienced Chinese army. Vietnam successfully won its independence from China in approximately 938 A.D., and this was one of the first instances of the demonstration of the Vietnamese people's ability to come together in order to achieve the common goal of independence. France then occupied Vietnam in the mid part of the 18Th century, and it took nearly a century for the Vietnamese to expel the French in 1945. This is a clear indication of the endurance of the Vietnamese people, who stuck to the fight for their freedom for nearly a century. Japan briefly occupied the coastal areas of Vietnam during World War II, and the Vietnamese along with Allied help, expelled these troops. The war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam and its allies, lasted from approximately 1955 to 1975, and was a conflict between a divided Vietnam, but each side demonstrated the Vietnamese spirit and tenacity in fighting for its perceived interests in that conflict.

I would argue that the years of conflict within Vietnam never destroy their national identity, but actually forged it through the baptism of sustained combat. The strong national identity of the Vietnamese people is what helped them to identify the leaders within their ranks, and to give them the opportunity to help to meet the nation's...

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