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Whale Rider Essay

  • Submitted by: ibnul91
  • on January 5, 2013
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Whale Rider Essay

What would you do if you were born and suppose to be the leader of your tribe but you can’t, because of your gender? In the book “Whale Rider”, written by Witi Ihimaera. The main character, a girl named kahu Apirana who was born in the Maori tribe which is in Whangara, New Zealand. The tribe believes in a myth about a man who is said to be the whale rider. He is said to be the founder of the tribe and his descendents have been the leader of the tribe. The leaders have always been the first born and somehow they were all boys so the leader of the tribe would be the first born son. Kahu Apirana was the first born daughter which makes her the future leader of the tribe. But her grandfather is furious about the situation and wants nothing to do with her. “It’s a girl, I will have nothing to do with her.” As she grows up she tries her best to be appreciated by her grandfather. Kahu Apirana is clearly a stubborn girl that does not often listen to her family and obey orders. However she respects her culture, customs and strongly embraces them. She evidently explains this through her actions her words and her feelings. She takes her background to heart, even though she is considered an outcast because she is a girl, she tries her best to participate in all her cultures traditions and ceremonies.

The chief, also known as Koro Apirana (aka. Kahu’s grandpa) holds a ceremony for the opening of his new boy’s school to decide who is going to be the next leader. Kahu Apirana who is so stubborn, she decides to go to the event. When she reaches the ceremony she takes a seat in the front rows seats. Koro Apirana, with his strong beliefs about the traditional place for a girl should be home, therefore he orders Kahu to move to the back row immediately, which makes sense because the front seats are for the students who are participating in the school and their parents. Kahu ignores everything her grandfather tells her, and refuses to move. This demonstrates...

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