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Whaling in the Faroe Islands Essay

  • Submitted by: Eyolf1
  • on September 20, 2012
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Whaling in the Faroe Islands

Whaling has long been a topic of great controversy between opposing viewpoints. On one side are the pro-whaling groups, and on the other side are the strongly opinionated anti-whalers. Claims are often made by these anti-whaling groups that whaling is inhumane, indecent, and uncalled for. They are also prone to make statements that are incorrect and biased; Their statements usually present no truthful information. Whaling in the Faroe Islands is not as cruel as many think - It is conducted in a humane manner with regards to both the population and the pain of the whales.
One of the most common arguments offered by anti-whaling activists is the claim that the "whale population" is endangered, and that the Faroese are hunting them to extinction. First, there are more than seventy-five species of whales, so one must know the specific species before they can make any kind of intelligent argument. Second, the pilot whale (the whale hunted by the Faroese) is actually thriving in the North Atlantic and in most of the world. Furthermore, not a single whale species has ever been hunted to extinction, and the pilot whale population has not diminished at all from being hunted for over one-thousand years. There are very specific records dating as far back as 1584 which indicate that the average number of whales taken in every year to be around eight-hundred, which, is about one-tenth of a percent (0.1%) of the pilot whale population only in the North Atlantic.
GrindadrĂ¡p, or the "Grind" as it is known in English, is the Faroese name for the hunting of pilot whales. This has been an annual tradition for at least twelve-hundred years, and it dates back to the settlement of the Faroe Islands by the Vikings. Whale meat was a very common source of nutrition, because crops do not grow well on the rocky landscape, and it is still very commonly consumed there. Men and older boys take part in the Grind while the women and young children stand on the...

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