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What Can You Do, Running with Scissors, Augesten Burroughs Essay

  • Submitted by: jcantu
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "What Can You Do, Running with Scissors, Augesten Burroughs" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Stuart Sharp                                                                         Mr. Bemiller
Joseph Cantu                                                                         Period 4
                                                                                Febuary 21, 2012

What Can You Do, Running With Scissors, Augesten Burroughs

I. Intro Quote

A   “I figured it out on my own anyway”, my mom said... “you did?” I asked, alarmed. “Did i emit a certain gay odor?” (69)

B   This is when Augesten’s sexuality was obvious to others, even his own mom could tell. He didn’t really want people to know at first, he didn’t feel comfortable with his own self yet.

C   The picture relates to Augesten being gay because it shows him coming out of the closet and everyone is finding out. (the picture is a closet)

II. Middle Quote

A   “I myself am made entirely of flaws”(110)

B   Augesten feels that his homosexuality is wrong and that he came from a family of flaws, with his mother being a psycho and his father being an abusive alcoholic, therefore making him feel even more flawed.

C   The picture is of a broken puzzle where none of the pieces match. This relates to him because the puzzle is flawed and cant fit in perfectly like others. (puzzle)

III. End Quote

        A.   “I felt deeply tricked. Stunned. And furious. I also felt my default emotion: numbness.”(297)

        B This quote is after his mom tells him she was raped and taken advantage of by her psychiatrist, who Augesten has lived with for several years. It shows that all the crap that he’s been through in life has made him numb to situations and stress. He blocks out his feelings as fast as he can and becomes numb to the situation.
        C   The picture relates to Augesten’s own emotions. He has no emotion whatsoever and just accepts what is for what it is.. (face)

IV. Most Powerful Quote

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