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What Do You Want for Me Essay

  • Submitted by: GreatHsu
  • on January 7, 2013
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Phrasal Verb   Chp1-3 :
1. go out:
  I want to go out because there’s no air conditioning in home.
  John can’t go out because he need to take care of his baby.
2. break in:
  Marry break in a bank to steal money,but she got arrest immediately.
  Don’t break in my house! Because there’s a fierce dog inside.
3. set off:
  Ken smoking in the bathroom,but unfortunately he set off the smoke alarm.
  Don’t set off the smoke alarm,or you will getting wet by the water.
4. run away:
  Tim run away because he saw a snake that he was afraid of.
  When you saw a beer,just stand straight like a tree,din’t run away so hurry.
5. fool arround:
  Don’t fool around during your college life!
  When the vacation comming,everybody just want to fooling arround.
6. blaze up:
  When I was trying to fire up the barbecue,I suddenly realize my hair was blaze up!
  Don’t let anything blazed up in home,or you will get hurt.
7. call out:
  When there’s a car accident happened,just call out to the police office.
  You can’t call out to the fire station if there don’t have a fire.
8. put out:
  Lisa put out her hand to ask a car driver,she wonder to take a free trip to the train station.
  Don’t put out your hand when the car is moving.
9. get on:
  The bus is too empty that I can’t get on.
  Remember to check where’s the bus going before you get on.
10. get out:
  Please get out your own glass if you want to dress up the water.
  Get out your safety helmet before you ride the motorcycle.
11. get off:
  You can’t use your cellphone until you get off the airplane.
  Remember to check the right side and left side before you get off the bus.

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