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What I Am Essay

  • Submitted by: lilneek74
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: English
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Keisha smith
Pamela Wilks
Eng. 131 BD
7 January 2013
Teenage Pregnancy

Dealing with Teenage pregnancies many teens are dropping out of school. This leads to self-destruction of living the simple life that consists of mother   information on the star of the show ZOEY 101 known as Jamie Lynn spears gets pregnant at the age of sixteen the media is shocked being that she was a good girl; Jamie Lynn quotes “I was 16. I’d had one boyfriend. It doesn’t make it perfect or all right. But I was judged for something that probably most everyone does,” she notes. ”I was young. I was in love. I was like every other teenager, except I had this last name. And I made a decision that is forever my decision.” After being bashed by the media she started to use her talent of writing music. She ended up having a baby girl and gave up the talent of being a nickelodeon star. She was judged from the time she had her baby and is still being judged as of today. Like any other teen out here in the world she’s in the same category she just has a little more money than a typical teen parent, I strongly believe she has a point and is not in the wrong. It’s her life she made a mistake and the media should let her live with it and leave it at that.

Alida, Bouris. "Preventing Rapid repeat births among latina adolescents." American journal of public health (2012): 1842-1847.
This article talks indicates Latinos birth rates being the highest than any other race. It is stated that most Latina youth drop out of school when getting pregnant and studies say when Latina women reach the age twenty 52% will be pregnant. If they drop out of school what type of knowledge will your child have if you’re not able to teach them things being that you dropped out? This message is simply judging Latina youth, but all Latina youth should read this message and start proving what statistics say wrong. This article would be helpful because it is coming from a different aspect and showing the diversity of these...

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  • Submitted by: lilneek74
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: English
  • Length: 388 words
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