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What Is a Good Leader Essay

  • Submitted by: chrisw0131
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: History
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Michael Sampson
Dr. Angel-Cann
English 1301 P.19
23 September, 2012

Leading By Example through a Firefighters choices

In Society today people think that a celebrity, athlete, or a president automatically inspires people, even a Firefighter can show the same characteristics to inspire someone to want to be in their shoes one day. Firefighters are brave, smart, and talented individuals who have to make difficult decisions every day at their job to save lives. Some of the decisions can put an individual’s life in their hands, and by having to follow direction, guidance, or even not following protocol to act fast in a dangerous or life threatening situation. Some situations could be putting out a fire, rescuing a person from a traffic accident, being stranded on a rooftop during a flood, or even responding to a terrorist attack.
When Americans woke up on the morning of September 11th, 2001 and turned on the television we would like to think that their automatic response was “how can I help”. For the firefighters in New York City they got to act on those responses, by showing up to respond to the attacks on the world trade center. They walked into the towers scared, angry, and upset but did not show those emotions to the people they were saving and bringing outside of the buildings. The situations that they saw might make the average person want to turn around the other way and run, but they stayed brave to give hope to the lives they were saving even if they were dooming their own. When the towers fell we lost a lot of brave men and women that showed what it took to be honored by our society today, inspiring generations of children and adults to want to be a firefighter one day and save lives like they did.
The media and technology has changed our view on firefighters as well, for instance we can see them saving someone from a house, traffic accident, or flood on the news that happens every day. We automatically think “wow that man or woman is brave I...

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