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What Is a Professional Image? Essay

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What is a Professional Image? |
Chapter 16 |
YoNigga |
11/28/2011 |

The word “professionalize” means to give a professional character to something. In this case if you want to achieve a professional image for yourself you need to give yourself professional character. You can do this in many ways. For instance, you can professionalize your externally, internally and body movements. Let’s examine these three and explore options of how we can improve the quality of professionalism to our entire self.
First, the exterior, meaning our appearance to outsiders, this is a crucial part of business especially if it’s your first time to meet someone. The first time you meet someone in a business setting is called the first appearance. According to research by Dr. Albert Mehrabian of UCLA, appearance accounts for fifty-five percent of an invaluable first impression. Depending on what field of business you are in you need to figure out what is considered the business norms of your profession. Some jobs make it easy for you and have a dress code, but if you’re a sole proprietor you need to decide how to dress yourself to fit the image you want. I have noticed that most of the time dress code goes a long with the price the service or product you are offering. Typically the more expensive your product or service is the more you want to dress to impress but if you are selling something less expensive you can dress more casual. The best example to illustrate this is a car dealership. At Sewell Lexus every salesmen wears a formal suit and tie. On the other side if you were shopping at a used car dealership and buying a car that’s selling for $500 cash only you will most likely run into some one dressed much more casual.
Earlier I mentioned to professionalize your complete image you would need to internally as well. When I said this I meant you need to give off a professional persona, meaning you should aim to act professional in a business atmosphere. To do...

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