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What Is Art Essay

  • Submitted by: taubie456
  • on January 27, 2013
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What is Art?
Defining art is not a subject that can be easily approached with pen and paper and a group of words.   Art holds many forms and is appreciated in so many different ways.   What one person would consider a work of art may not be the same to another.   Art simply can’t be defined as an object or an idea.
I find that art is instantly emotional and must first, grab my attention and second, tell a story.   As in Timothy O’Sullivan’s   “A Harvest of Death”, I would say that when I first saw it, I was shocked. Then, after looking at it closely, the story began to reveal itself.   I didn’t have to know when or where this photograph was taken to know that it symbolized the tragedy of war.  
I also find that art is beautiful and therapeutic.   Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” I found to be grandeur with its detail of design and texture, and the multitude of bright colors.   This painting defines the elegance of the goddess Venus, and what she represented in Roman mythology.
Even though art is not so easily defined, it is difficult to say something is art when the image doesn’t seem to represent anything emotional or tells a story.   An example would be Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain”.   To me it is just an image, and if it wasn’t for the title, I would not have known it was a fountain.   I can’t decipher any type of story or what the image is supposed to represent.

The concept of art is almost as individual as the people who appreciate it.   There is no one way to define it.   Humans are creative and depend on creativity almost as much as anything else, whether it is a picture, a painting, music, or literature.   It is emotional and expressive.

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