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What Is Hypnosis Essay

  • Submitted by: madjames
  • on January 5, 2013
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Module One     What is Hypnosis?

In the first half of my essay I’m going to give a brief history of who I believe are the founders of hypnosis, even though I don’t think they realized what they had achieved. Then a little about the conscious and subconscious mind, then on to brain waves and the trance levels and a little about the roll of relaxation. Lastly I will wright my conclusion.

History of Hypnosis
I believe that hypnosis has been around from the birth of mankind and if we look back at all those ancient tribal ceremonies throughout all of the different nationalities through history, meditational states have been achieved through the use of chants, drums and many other means. Hypnosis was used for healing by these tribes; the hypnotherapist was called their shaman. The earliest documentation recorded was written on papyrus discovered in an ancient Egyptian tomb dating back to 1500 BC. They also used it for healing and religious ceremonies. There is also evidence of hypnosis being used by witch doctors also knows has shamans. In the 18th century this basic form of hypnosis was to take its first steps into the realm of modern medicine.

This is Franz Anton Mesmer 23/05/1734-5/3/1815. As a young man he first studied theology and law then moved onto medicine he eventually became a doctor in 1766. He was interested in the way gravity and the tide had an influence on the earth and in animal magnetism and spiritual forces. With this knowledge he started healing people with a strong magnet.
He treated a 27-year-old woman called Franzl Osterline who suffered from convulsions. She had a raging headache and vomiting. He felt dissatisfied with the current approach to medicinepracticed by his contemporaries who all recommended treatments such as bleeding,...

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