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What Makes Literature Classic? Essay

  • Submitted by: jyergerhgcap
  • on January 7, 2013
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The Art of Lasting Literature

Classic literature is usually defined by each individual’s opinion. Many people would agree that their classics are different from others’ classics. But there are certain pieces of literature that have stood out from others written in the same time period. These works of literature have survived the time and the violence that has flown by since its creation. There must be something extraordinary that makes these epics maintain their intrigue, but what?
Some might define classic literature by how it appeals to all ages. Almost any person can relate to at least three of the following: sadness, death, disappointment, or conversely, love, relationships, and family. Many classic works feature these characteristics. They don’t change much as the decades roll by.
Others may say that simply having enough readers liking it makes a work classic. If enough people read and enjoy it, they will pass it to their family and friends, who will then pass it on again. This process repeats until it gains high popularity and works its way up to classic status. However, this guarantees the work to have some critical reviews. Even the most popular movies, books, TV shows, and magazines, etc., are not enjoyed and praised by everyone. Then, as the culture changes, the work may gain or lose popularity.
Wait, what’d I just say? Culture. Culture is really what defines classic. Timeless pieces of literature are the ones that appeal to generation after generation. Literature that someone from the 1600’s wrote is likely to be popular in the 1600’s, especially if written by a famous poet/author like Shakespeare or Jonson. But how would that particular piece of literature stand up to the test today? Granted, the average teenager in public school has absolutely no use for it in it’s written form, but what if it were reworded in modern English? They might be surprised at how accurate it is to 21st century culture. In the British Literature textbook, many of the...

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