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What Was the Most Important Consequence of the Printing Press? Essay

  • Submitted by: imrichyournot26
  • on October 20, 2013
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Below is an essay on "What Was the Most Important Consequence of the Printing Press?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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            The   most   important   consequence   of   the   printing   press   is   spreading   information   that   will   cause   conflict   out   throughout   Europe.   I’ll   use   document   two   to   show   the   spread   of   the   printing   press,   and   document   three   to   show   how   the   printing   press   started   a   small   conflict   with   information   that   could   start   a   big   disagreement,   and lastly   document   four   which   shows   more   of   the   conflict   of   document   three   between   Martin   Luther   and   The   Pope   of   The   Roman   Catholic   Church.  
            The   spread   of   the   printing   is   shown   in   document   two.   In   Fourteen   Seventy   One,   the   printing   started   from   small German   states,   and   few   Papal states.   In   just   about   twenty   nine   years   the   printing   in Europe   rapidly   increased   through   the   central   of   the   small German   states   and   the   Papal states   also   it   spreads   to   the   Netherland   and over   to   England.   With   the   spread   of   printing   information   will   be   easily   be   spread   throughout   the   world.   To   which   the   printing   spread   to   the   Renaissance culture the tools for sharpening their wits against the clergy -- not to undermine faith, but restore its ancient apostolic purity.
            With   the   spread   of   printing   being   so   massive   anything   was   about   possible.   A   man   named   Martin   Luther   wrote   the   ninety   five   Theses   about   the   issues   of   indulgences   to   the   Church   for   official   pardons.   On October   31,   1527   he   left   the   Theses   on   the   door   of   the   Castle   Church   in   Wittenberg,   Germany.   With   the   printing   press,   the   95   Theses   were   known   throughout   Germany   in   a   fortnight   and throughout   Europe   in   a   month.   Luther’s   beliefs were based on the concept that Christianity is marrow   a   phenomenon   of   the   inner   or   spiritual   world   of   people,   and   has   nothing   to   do   with   the   outer   or   physical   world,   therefore   making   temporal...

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