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What Would You Do for Doritos? Essay

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  • on October 19, 2013
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“What Would You Do For Doritos?”
Did you know that the famous snack company Frito-Lay is 80 years old? The famous company that brought consumers favorite snacks of Fritos, Lays potato chips, and Doritos has been around since 1932. Over the years they have spent billions on advertising. With their recent Super Bowl commercial entitled “Man’s Best Friend” they proved that their advertising works. After this commercial and many other 2012 Doritos Super Bowl commercials aired, Doritos sales sky rocketed. In this paper I will talk about the logos, pathos, and ethos that Frito-Lay uses in their “Man’s Best Friend” commercial.
The “Man’s Best Friend” commercial aired on channel 4 in the United States during February 5th 2012 Super Bowl. The “Man’s Best Friend” ad was number one in USA Today only a day after it aired. Also the “Man’s Best Friend” ad was made a consumer. The Frito-Lay company has a contest every year around the Super Bowl to have the consumers make the ads. They then pick the best ones and air them on the prime spots during the Super Bowl. Frito-Lay does this every year to keep their consumers happy and keep them buying Doritos. They let them create their commercials because they are the ones buying the product.

The first thing that you see in this commercial is a man planting flowers. The he looks up and over and he sees his dog burying a collar with tags. He then looks over at a telephone pole and sees that there is a missing cat poster on the pole with a picture of a cat with the same tags that his dog was burying. When he goes to look back over at his dog, his dog is right there looking eye to eye with him growling in a low tone at him. His dog then slides the man a bag of Doritos with his paw with a note on it that says “you didn’t see nuthing.” The Doritos logo then comes across the screen, and then you see the man finishing up the last of his bag of Doritos. Then you hear a voice in the background of the man’s wife saying “honey, have you...

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