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Before we went to Grasmere at school we together came up with a hypothesis ‘Grasmere is a honey pot site for both passive and active tourists’. We chose this hypothesis because it is logical and gives us an idea of what we are trying to prove. The hypothesis is based on the section that we chose for our exam which is tourism; investigate honey pot site(s) within a locality.
We then decided to choose Grasmere, Lake District National Park, Cumbria North West England. We chose here because it nearby to our community and is one of the nearest national parks. Also we chose Grasmere as it is an area which tourism has developed in. To understand the development of tourism in Grasmere and which stage of the tourist resort life cycle Grasmere is at. I needed to look at the Butler model which was created in 1980, from the data that I have collected and my understanding of the area surrounding Grasmere I have come to the conclusion that Grasmere is at stage 4, consolidation, of the Butler model. This means that tourism is now a major part of the local economy, but perhaps at the expense of other types of development. Numbers of visitors are steady making employment more secure. However, some hotels and other facilities are becoming older and unattractive, so the type of customers attracted goes down market and rowdiness becomes a problem. I think Grasmere is at this stage because whilst I was in Grasmere there were lots of tourists around doing a variety of activities but Grasmere doesn’t have enough attractions for tourists to stay for a long period of time. But it must make enough money to keep up and running for a long period of time. Some of the buildings are looking worn down for instance some of the paint was peeling and the windows were rotting. However Grasmere still supports the hypothesis of ‘Grasmere is a honey-pot site for both passive and active tourist’ because it attracts 15.8 million tourists a year who spend over £925 million a year.
The Butler Model:

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