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Why by Expensive Clothes Essay

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Some people buy clothes just for the money they are spending. People say that buying more expensive things make them feel like they are getting a better quality; others just say it is more expensive because it is what is in fashion at the time. Media has shown us that buying brand name clothes makes us cooler or even prettier. It is wrong for the media to be smashing this nonsense into our heads because the more expensive it gets, doesn’t make the quality go up, you can get the same article of clothing somewhere else cheaper, and you might only use the piece a few times.
You can buy any price of clothes you want, but will the quality be better or worse? I once wanted some jeans so badly from Delia’s, I would ask my mom all the time to take me to get them, and she never did. That year for Christmas I was awaken to the exact jeans I wanted, but they were too small. We went to the store and switched them out, I got home, and I put them on and they fit like a glove; we washed them and stitching tore! I was so upset and we went back to the store and switched those out, we got home, washed them, and what do you know? The jeans tore. But that year for Christmas my mother also got me another pair of jeans from Kohl’s and they still work for me today. The price of the jeans from Delia’s was $50, and the price from Kohl’s was $15. This obviously shows how price does not mean the same thing as quality.
You can either get a plain blue shirt from Old Navy for $5 or you could get the same exact shirt from American Eagle for $25. A few years ago, Uggs were all the rage, if you didn’t have them, you were not cool. Well I did not have enough money to buy $200 dollar shoes, therefore my mom took me out to buy the target brand Uggs, they looked just like them, they felt just like them, but they were just cheaper. Instead of buying $200 dollar shoes, I bought $25 dollar shoes that looked the same! Then for my 15th birthday, I got a $25 gift card for American Eagle, and a $25...

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