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Why Did Opposition to the Tsarist Regime Increase Between 1881 -1904? Essay

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  • on August 6, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Why Did Opposition to the Tsarist Regime Increase Between 1881 -1904?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Opposition to the Tsarist regime increased due to a number of reasons many of which could have been helped and others that were more natural. The key aspects of the opposition of the Tsars was Wittes programme of industrialisation, which while vital to Russia, exchanged the loyalist peasants into the disgruntled working class. While there were problems that the Tsar could not control such as the great amounts of other nationalities wanting independence and resisting Russification, such as the Poles and Jews.

In 1881 opposition started due to ordinary people having little to no rights, as it was a criminal offence to question the Tsar and with no parliament to try and change the course of their country they would have to rely on the rich autocratic Tsar to decide to make changes to help the common people. As the government had strict censorship on books and journals when information did get through it would usually be made even more powerful as the government had attempted to ban it. Also due to the fact that free speech was denied political parties were driven underground and led the political activists to extremism. Also with the use of the Okerana as a secret police force many people were unsettled by the government using them against their own people.

With the programme of industrialisation creating factories and jobs in cities many peasants moved there in a hope of a better life. However what they found was poor pay, poor housing and with trade unions being banned they had no one to help them. Also with no minimum wage factory owners could pay what they wanted without any interference of the government, and while the working class could theoretically move around and were not bound to one factory the new job would not bring about anything better as factory owners were able to get away with it due to the poor working class not being able to pay lawyers and having no trade union to back them up. This created two problems; as they moved into the cities they...

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