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Why Did the Weimar Republic Face Challenges During the Years 1919- 1923 Essay

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Why did the Weimar Republic face political challenges in the years 1919-1923?
The title ‘The Weimar Republic’ was the name given to the Parliamentary Representative Democracy set up in Germany after WW1. Even though Frederick Ebert had good intentions, the Weimar Republic faced many political challenges between the years 1919 and 1923. There were 5 main reasons why the Weimar Republic struggled, including: The Treaty of Versailles; The Stab in the Back myth; hyperinflation with the collapse of economy; political violence from extremists on the right and left wing Parliament and the voting system of Proportional Representative. I will argue that although the Treaty of Versailles was the most important cause, it is the way these were connected which explains the crisis.
The Treaty of Versailles entailed the loss of 13.5 per cent of Germany’s land; 13 percent of its population, 16 per cent of its coal production, 15 percent of its farming production and 48 percent of its iron production. Moreover, the treaty took away the German overseas colonies, a valuable source of raw material. Michael Burleigh, in his book ‘The Third Reich A New History’ states, ’... they were treated in a discriminatory and offensive manner.’ Furthermore, the Treaty of Versailles read, ‘By the date which must not be later than March 31st 1920, the German army must not comprise more than...’ The German nation had been a very militaristic country and was proud of   mits army, deducing the army and air force infuriated the citizens of Germany. In addition, the treaty also forced the Germans to ‘...accepts the responsibility of Germany and her Allies for causing all the loss and damage of the war.’ This term was seen to be unfair by many as it required Germany to accept full blame for the cause of The Great War and had to pay £6.6 million as reparation, pushing them into an economical breakdown. Stephen Lee in his book Weimar and Nazi Germany says, ‘The Government complained that it had no choice,...

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