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Why I Joined Ib Essay

  • Submitted by: jsanchez96
  • on January 5, 2013
  • Category: College Admissions
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The International Baccalaureate Program is the top program in the world for students who want to achieve in life and want to become more knowledgeable. It’s a high level course given to students who are high leveled and are capable of doing everything possible to complete it.   I have decided to enroll myself into this course.
Why did I enroll?   I enrolled because Scholarships, to learn new skills, and to be able to enroll in a good university.   Scholarships’ are a big part of why many students enroll into programs like IB.   Scholarships’ are hard to get and it’s hard to pay for Universities now a days. Universities are very expensive especially Medical school which I would like to attend in a couple of years. The top rated Universities don’t enroll “Average” students either, you have to have outstanding grades and high achievement standards, and IB does all that plus more. The Scholarships’ in IB would really help pay for Medical school. IB is not only for scholarships, but also for learning new skills. IB is a program to show students how to be more organized, be a better thinker, and communicate more. All this skills I’m weak at and would like to become stronger in. with eight classes and eight different assignments a day, its hard being organized. IB gets students prepared physically and mentally to be the most organized possible. When teaches ask students to read out loud or participate, a lot of them are shy and don’t know how to communicate well. In IB you have to be a better communicator and it’s a great skill to have for the future.   When thinking teenagers mostly think about girlfriend/boyfriends, sports, parties, having fun etc.. ; But there is more to think about like grades, school and our futures. IB makes students think about all this and it’s a great skill to have. How many universities are there? , Over 100,000.   There are so many students that try to get in the most universities in the world, and the IB program is an easy way to help students get...

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